How to get rid of Tarnish

Something that you may not know is most metals, except for gold or fine silver, tarnish. Most of the time I use a sunshine cloth to keep my jewelry looking new. It cleans gold, silver, brass, copper, and glass.

But I had a couple of really tarnished pieces and didn’t want to spend the time so I tried an old trick; hot water, tin foil, and baking soda. The pictures on the left are tarnished and the ones on the right is after cleaning. I was shocked at how well it worked and it didn’t hurt the glass at all.

I dried them with my sunshine cloth. Just line the cup with foil, then add a spoonful of baking soda, and hot water. They look amazing, if you have some jewelry that has some tarnish try either the sunshine cloth or the baking soda, foil, and water.

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