Happy Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I thought I’d post a few pictures of some fused glass options for Valentines ‘day.









As I was looking for pictures of some appropriate fused glass Fused Glass jewelry I ran across an old YouTube video I made for Valentines day. I liked it so much I thought I’d show it again.




I hope you like it. If you would like to give fused glass artwork for Valentine’s day or any day. Please email me at elegantfusedglass@gmail.com

I have pendants with zodiac, hearts, and a myriad of other symbols.







If you would like to see more of my fused glass work please refer to my website Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.If you get a chance, check out all my sites, Fused Glass by Karen, My Etsy store, my Art fire Store, my Pinterest, and Elegant Fused Glass by Karen youtube.If you would like to stay abreast of what I’m up-to and learn a little more about jewelry, check out our newsletter. It is published the last day of each month.

Keeping my Kiln warm,

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