Happy Thanksgiving – 2023

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As always we went to visit Dan’s family in Delta Colorado. We had a wonderful time, I love seeing my great nieces. Here are just a few pictures of our visit. The first row is Emeri and her Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Great Grandmas. The other rows are Ryan and Emeri, and Ryan being the cutie that she is.

Here is a picture of me with Ryan in July and now November, she has grown so much. She was so funny running around – driving everyone crazy. I loved it.

We stayed in a new place, it was pretty nice. I loved the views from the back porch, it was a bit cold to sit in the gazebo but I’d love to stay their next time we go in the summer. The next row is the porch, the room, the public areas (they had a nice little coffee bar), and the last row is a glass piece (casted sun) it was beautiful, the bathroom counter was made of (what looked like) glass (I’m sure it was just acrylic) that was very pretty. The pictures looked like foil, I really liked them because they remind me of iridized glass. If you know what they are please let me know. Either way I really liked this place.

It was pretty snowy and scary drive home, over Monarch Pass I just kept my eyes closed the entire time. We did make 1 stop along the Gunnison river so I could take pictures. It’s so pretty. BTW the Arkansas river was amazing too, but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures.

We actually stopped in Westcliffe. I love visiting Westcliffe, even with all the snow it’s still beautiful. Sadly we were only able to spend 1 night. Look at that sunrise btw it was 3 degrees this morning!

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