Happy New Year

Celebrate New Years!
Fused Glass Wine Stopper and Wine Charms

Happy New Year!

2014 was a crazy year for me I had 6 fused glass shows (so much fun – I love talking with people that love fused glass as much as I do) and created so many new fused glass jewelry pieces, functional art, artwork, etc., and created new lines including snaps, door pulls, and more.
Needless to say for those of you may know my Fused Glass sites: Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and Etsy are a little out of date. Reason being is so many of my fused glass items have been sold and I have not had a chance to take pictures of my beautiful new Fused Glass Artwork to put on my sites. Even though it was one of my top focuses for last year I just wasn’t able to keep them up to date. They take so much time to upload to my sites and when I’m not at my day job I prefer to be with my family or be in my studio!
That being said it’s still #1 on my focus areas for 2015. Let’s hope I do better. First I want review my list last year and see how I did for the rest of my resolutions and see if I need to add anything else.
So here are the Fused Glass areas I want to focus on in 2015.
1. Update my : Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and Etsy with new Fused Glass artwork. * I did update them I just didn’t update them as much as I should. It is on my priority list for 2015!

NOTE: Those who visited me at my craft shows know I have a myriad of fused glass artwork and it is impossible to put all of my items on my sites (Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and Etsy ). If there is something you want, just email (elegantfusedglass@gmail.com) – If I don’t have it, I can create it!
2. Create more fused glass pieces with metal clay and metalsmithing. *I didn’t do this at all! Shame on me! It is on my priority list for 2015!

3. Share my product reviews and create the new fused glass artwork based on the fused glass products I have recently purchased. *I did this but didn’t write blogs about specific products yet. It is on my priority list for 2015!

4. Share my book / video reviews and create the new fused glass techniques I learned through the many fused glass magazines, eBooks, books and videos I read and watched. *Yeah one I did! I created blogs each month for books I read. In 2015 I will be writing even more and adding products and videos as well!

5. I want to place some of my fused glass artwork in stores here in Colorado Springs. *I am in 2 local locations (Green Soul and Boulder Street Gallery); however I’d like to be in a store in Manitou Springs as well. Let’s hope!

6. My YouTube videos, Blogs and Newsletters (click on newsletter), I am excited about continuing to creating my fused glass my YouTube videos, Blogs and Newsletters. I look forward to researching more interesting topic. *I’ve created several YouTube videos, I blog 2 a week, and send a monthly newsletter with over 200 subscribers!

7. New for 2015 – after doing 6 shows in 2014 I’d like to do even more in 2014!

So out of my 6 goals, two I consider accomplished fully, three I’ve accomplished but not as good as much as I’d like, and only one that I didn’t really accomplished at all. So not too bad but I want to do better for 2015!

I think I will print these goals out so I can focus even more. Therefore, now that I have written down and shared my fused glass resolutions / goals for 2015. I look forward to your comments and areas you are interested in regarding jewelry, fused glass, items you would like me to create. I get so much from my customers it’s unbelievable so please email and ask me!

Moreover, last year I created fused glass birthstones, awareness ribbons, and western horoscope for each month; in 2013 I wrote blogs on Chinese Zodiac, etc. This year I’m going to write blogs about anniversary stones, awareness ribbons based on color, new products I’m using with my fused glass and any other topic ya’ll tell me you think is important. It’s going to be another great year so if you haven’t signed up for my newsletters please do. Remember I write my Blogs each week so you don’t have to wait for the Newsletters , just go to Elegant Fused Glass by Karen and click on Blog.

I’m also planning on updating the site to have key blogs (Western Horoscope, Chinese horoscope, etc and “Did You Know” for easy access from the top bar. I’ll let you know when it’s completed!

Remember if there is something you want me to blog about or do a “Did You Know” please email me (elegantfusedglass@gmail.com)  Also did I tell you. I have a class with the world renown fused glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow and the Great Amanda Taylor! I can’t tell you how excited I am about taking these classes!

It’s going to be a fun year!

Keeping my kiln warm,


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