Happy New Year 2016 – My fused glass goals

Instead of calling them resolutions, I’m calling them goals. I look forward to reaching my 2016 goals for my fused glass.



2015 was a wonderful year for me professionally. I started a new job that I enjoy and I work with great people. I also was able to create several commercial fused glass orders, I participated in over 7 shows where I showed off my fused glass and met some wonderful people; I learned how to flamework / blow glass / cast glass; and I took a class with Bob Leatherbarrow, Patty Gray and took a glass class with some great ladies (including Tanya) at the Bullseye Center in Portland! Wow what a great year! I just don’t know how I’ll top that when it comes to glass!!

That being said lets look over my resolutions for 2015 to see how I did on accomplishing them.

1. Update my Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and Etsy with new Fused Glass artwork.

Nope – they suck so this is back on my list

2. Create more fused glass pieces with metal clay and metalsmithing. *More information to follow.

Nope – didn’t even touch it. Shame on me – I love metal clay.

3. Share my product reviews and create the new fused glass artwork based on the fused glass products I have recently purchased.

Yep up-until Nov I did pretty good at least regarding the new molds I can’t seem to do without.

4. Share my book / video reviews and create the new fused glass techniques I learned through the many fused magazines, eBooks, and books I read and the several new fused glass videos with new fused glass techniques.

Yep – again up until I had shows back to back I was doing pretty good on sharing my reviews.

5. After spending so much time with people during my craft shows, talking about my fused glass, I want to place some of my fused glass artwork in stores here in Colorado Springs. Check out local locations for more info.

I did get my glass artwork in Denver, and I love Sharon and Patty! But I’d love one here in Colorado Springs.

6. Continue creating my YouTube videos, blogs, and Newsletters. I look forward to researching more topics that are interesting

Yes for the most part – I did great on my blogs (twice a week) and my newsletters but I haven’t done a lot of youtube videos in 2015.

Overall I did pretty good on my list albeit I still need to update my sites.

In addition to the areas from 2015 I want to focus more on certain fused glass techniques. Recently I bought several e-books and videos that I want to try. These fused glass techniques are amazing, wait until you see them. I’m also looking forward to learning more about using my silhouette.

I’m also taking a couple of classes in 2016: another class with Bob Leatherbarrow and of course another class with Tanya Veit.

I look forward to your comments and areas you are interested in regarding jewelry, fused glass, items you would like me to create.

Keeping my kiln warm.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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