Happy 4th of July – Time to reaffirm my Fused Glass Resolutions







OK, I must be losing my mind!

In January I wrote a New Year’s fused glass resolution blog, or so I thought. Since it’s July ( I hope everyone has a great 4th of July), and the year is 1/2 over, I thought I’d review it and see how I’m doing on my fused glass resolutions for 2015.

Here is the crazy part: I went back to my January Fused Glass Newsletter it wasn’t there, so I went back to where I keep my draft fused glass blogs and guess what I found? That’s right no Fused Glass New Years Resolution blog for 2015! I did find one about how busy I am and that I have so many fused glass projects that I can’t keep them straight (ironically that hasn’t changed) and that I’m going to do a mold and technique every month.

The good news is I have been doing my new mold every month blogs pretty consistently and it has been really fun. My belief is you can never have too many molds! As far as using a new fused glass Technique every month I’ve done pretty good on that as well. Especially since I do a fused glass review (e-book, class, video, book, etc) every month and then I do a project from whatever I review. Again very fun, I love learning!

But I digress.

The bottom-line is I didn’t do a 2015 Fused Glass Resolution blog! So I’m going to have to go back to my 2014 Resolution blog to see how I’m doing on keeping my promises to myself.
Below is an excerpt from my 2014 resolutions along with my comments about how I’m doing on getting them accomplished!

My fused glass New Year areas I want to focus on in “2014”.

1. Update my Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and Etsy with new Fused Glass artwork.

*I’ve updated my Etsy but that’s about it. I’m on the computer all day at work so when I get home I just don’t want to be on the computer I want to be in my studio. This is a must so I will make an effort to get this done. To aid in that endeavor I have a little gallery in my house for home shows, but that’s right it is NOT organized!! So now I need to do that as well! GREAT instead of checking areas off my list I’m adding them!

2. Create more fused glass pieces with metal clay and metalsmithing.

The good news is, I’ve taken several more metal clay classes, oh that’s right I haven’t blogged about them so you don’t know about them. Still on my list!

3. Share my product reviews and create the new fused glass artwork based on the fused glass products I have purchased.

Yes, if you count my fused glass molds this is a yes! Yeah, one goal accomplished on a monthly basis!

4. Share my book / video reviews and create the new fused glass techniques I learned through the many fused magazines, eBooks, and books I read and the several new fused glass videos with new fused glass techniques.

Yes, another goal accomplished on a monthly basis!

5. After spending so much time with people during my craft shows, talking about my fused glass, I want to place some of my fused glass artwork in stores here in Colorado Springs.

Sadly no, I wish – but I do have several events scheduled for the rest of the year!

6. Regarding my YouTube videos, blogs and Newsletters, I am really excited about continuing to creating my fused glass my YouTube videos, blogs and Newsletters. I look forward to researching more topics that are interesting.

My Blogs and newsletters have been going great, I love my DYK section (albeit the DYK section is the hardest to do, because I have to come up with new topics), but sadly my youtube videos have not been updated this year at all. Mainly because my YouTube videos are meant for my customers – not other fused glass artists so it’s difficult to come up with videos to aid my customers. I’ll keep working on the youtube videos. I consider this one 3/4 accomplished.

So I’m not doing too good, out of six areas (3 – no, 2 – yes, 1- 3/4 yes). The areas I really want to focus on are: 1) updating my sites (it’s difficult to create beautiful fused glass artwork and not share it with others); 2) be in local stores (same reason); 3) coming up with great DYK and youtube videos for my customers.

Wish me luck!  Enjoy your 4th of July and check your resolutions!

Keeping my kiln warm.


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