Happy 2018!






Happy New Year!  Every year I do a review of my glass activities.

2017 was a great year for me professionally, family, and in glass. I added more responsibilities at work and I love it. As far as my family life; my daughter graduated High School and started college, and of course my son told me I was going to be a grandmother and on 1 Jan I became a grandma.






I love my job and all the people I work with. I get to travel and I love that part of my job.

I participated in approximately 7 shows where I so enjoy showing my fused glass art with old and new friends. I revisited some of my favorite techniques from some of my favorite classes and e-books. I took some amazing classes both in person (Laurie, Alice, Mark, & Alyssa) and via webinar (Jodi, Stephanie, Glasshoppa, etc.). What a wonderful year!

I like to take this time to look over my goals for 2017 to see how I did on completing them.

  1. Update my Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and Etsy with new Fused Glass artwork.

Nope – Never touched them. I’m hoping Issy can help me this year.

  1. Create more fused glass pieces with metal clay . *More information to follow.

Nope – didn’t even touch it. I really want to do more metal clay but I keep forgetting!

  1. Create new fused glass using new molds.

Yep – I did really good with this one. Not only did I use a lot of different molds I wrote blogs about my favorite molds.

  1. Share my book / video reviews and create the new fused glass techniques I learned through the many fused magazines, eBooks, and books I read and the new fused glass videos with new fused glass techniques.

Yep –  I wrote some but not as much as I should. I did write blogs on techniques I learned so that kind of counts.

  1. After spending so much time with people during my craft shows, talking about my fused glass, I want to place some of my fused glass artwork in stores here in Colorado Springs. Check out local locations for more info.

No – But I still have my fused glass artwork in Denver, I’d really love to have some in Colorado Springs.

  1. Continue creating my blogs, and Newsletters. I look forward to researching more topics that are interesting

Yes  – I did great on my blogs (twice a week) and my newsletters. I can’t tell you the joy I get when someone says I’m hear because of your newsletter.

7. Dedicate time on some of the great classes over the years, webinars, and e-books. I just really enjoy reliving these techniques.

Yes  – I focused on so many of my favorite teachers and techniques; Tanya, Patty, Paul, glasshoppa, etc.

Overall I did pretty good on my list albeit I still need to update my fused glass sites.

For 2018,  After taking the amazing vitrigraph / cane class with Laurie I bought a vitrigraph kiln and want to actually set it up and use it. I’m also going to try to use some of the various products I’ve purchased but haven’t had a chance to use. I also have some great classes lined up for 2018, I’m taking a class from Laurie on images, I’m also taking a class that involves stained glass, and at least 1 more – I haven’t decided.

I look forward to your comments and any areas you are interested in regarding jewelry, fused glass, or items you would like me to create.

Keeping my kiln warm.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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