Guess who came to Rock Ledge Ranch

Guess who came to Rock Ledge Ranch just to see me?

My good friend Melinda.






It was so cool, I just left my booth to walk around the show and I turn the corner and was like. OMG I know you and we hugged and I brought her to my booth, introduced her to my daughter. She brought Dan (her husband with her) and we talked for a while.

It was so great seeing her. They were visiting Vail and showed me all these pictures of the beautiful Aspens. So I showed her my fused glass aspen tree night lights and she liked them so much she wanted one, this is the one she chose. What an honor, since she is an amazing glass artist.






Just a bit of background, I met Melinda at a Tanya Veit class and she is so kind and talented it was impossible not to fall in love with her.  I think we had 2 classes with Tanya






Then we had 2 classes with Bob Leatherbarrow.






We also took a masters class at bullseye and one with Amanda Taylor.






And of course we just took a class with Craig Mitchell Smith.






There is nothing so great as good friends showing up when you need them. Melinda is so awesome, she even helped out in my booth. LOVE you Melinda!!! Thank you for being such an amazing friend.



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