Great 4th of July

On the 4th of July, my husband and I drove down to Westcliffe, CO. We just really love Westcliffe. When I go there I don’t worry, I’m really just in the moment. It’s funny because we don’t do anything big, but being in Westcliffe brings us joy. The drive is so beautiful and relaxing (once we’re out of Colorado Springs). It’s also kind of an adventure, because on our way over the pass we always see some type of animal, this time we saw wild turkeys.

The first thing we always do is go to the bakery (I just love this place). Because it was the 4th of July Westcliffe was packed. We got there around noon because they were having a protest (I didn’t want to attend) however, come to find out it was more of a parade. The pictures in the Facebook group were amazing, clearly it was showing American pride, supporting our 2nd amendment right, and showing love of the American Flag. Both my husband and I wished we would have been there for the parade because we both love America and our flag. That doesn’t mean we don’t see flaws, but we all have flaws.

The second thing we always do is go to the property. We stopped at the local meat market and got sandwiches. Then we went out to the property to eat them. As you can see by the picture the rain was coming in so we ate relatively fast. Of course I took the time to take some pictures of the blooming cactus. I don’t really care for how many cactus are on our property but I love seeing them bloom.

Then we always like to drive around the area to see how many deer we come across. Also I made Dan stop at almost every flower grouping. If fact it was pretty funny, I said “stop” and he said oh the buck right and I’m like “no, flowers” but I looked up and sure enough there was a deer. I love the purple flowers, I have no idea what they are. All of these flowers were just along the road. I’m not sure if you can tell but the white flowers have a little purple center.

We also try to stay at a variety of places. The place we stayed this time was wonderful. What a beautiful room and it had a common area as well. In fact the flags above were from the front of the lodge.

We are trying to go at least every month and do something different during every visit. This time we went on a hike. What a beautiful drive up and flowers everywhere. Below are some pictures from our hike. We saw a couple of cool things; I’m standing next to a tree with a bear’s claw mark. Dan is standing by a huge hole, they look man made and there were seeral of them (they had big logs across them or beside them), we also saw a lake, and an outhouse (there were a couple of other buildings too).

Can’t forget all the wildflowers. I so love flowers.

The view down was great too. You can see the towns of Westcliffe and Silvercliffe and the reservoir.

We’ve been to Westcliffe 5 times; Feb 21-22 (when we fell in love with West), Mar 13-14 (looked at land and put in an offer), May 8-9 (walked the property), May 23-24 (brought Sky to show off Westcliffe), and Jul 4-5 (hike). No matter what we do, I never get bored.

I hope y’all don’t mind my pictures of Westcliffe. My hope is that all my readers take the time to do something that brings them joy.

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