Glass Murrine From Tabitha

I love Murrine and Millefiori. In case you don’t know murrine is little pieces of glass that are cross-sections of cane that reveal images. According to Wikipedia, murrine “first appeared in the Middle East more than 4,000 years ago and was revived by Venetian glassmakers on Murano in the early 16th century”. When I went to Murano a few years back I went to the museum and saw magnificent murrine that was so old but very detailed. Millefiori is a type of murrine, but it’s a flower (millefiori means a 1000 flowers). Anyway I digress, I love murrine and love buying them from several artist including Tabitha (she lives in Croatia). Tabitha is wonderful and makes youtube videos, and so much more. Here are just a few of the murrine that I purchased recently, I got them right before I left for my Christmas break.

This year I bought Tabitha’s advent calendars. I bought both 90 & 96 CoE boxes. If you look closely you can see all the amazing murrine Tabitha and her group of talented women create. Now I need to figure out what to make out of all these wonderful creations. I’ll send a follow-up when I actually use them.

I also bought this amazing apron she created. It’s made of pictures of her murrine – isn’t it fabulous! Part of me wants to use it in the kitchen, but I will probably use it in the studio. I just don’t want to ruin it – I love it too much!

As a gift Tabitha also sent me a tea towel, (I spent a good chunk of change). I just love it, the colors are so vibrant.

So tell me what should I make with all my little pretty murrine?

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



  1. I love the apron and tea towel. They are absolutely beautiful. Love to see your custom work.
    Love ya

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