Glass I’m keeping for myself

Anyone who knows me, knows I love glass. In fact, that’s why I started making glass, for me. It’s kind of funny, half the time when I make something I want to keep it. Anyway, here are a few more things I’ve made either straight up for me or I made and then couldn’t part with it. First, I made another sign for Westcliffe – we have two bathrooms, so I made another bathroom rules sign. This one I framed in another type of frame, but I love this glass.

I mentioned a few months ago about all the magnets I made, for the train depot, the wolf sanctuary, etc. Additionally, I made several others with sayings and pictures of Westcliffe – you guessed it all mine. I even made a little stand to hold some of my family magnets!

I also made a little flower candle holder and put one of my sayings on it. Best of both worlds.

I also made some dishwasher magnets not long ago and kept the one below for myself. Additionally, several months ago I made myself some salt and pepper holders and wanted another one so I made the beautiful blue holder below.

I made some tea holders for a shop in town a couple of months ago and made the two below for me. I love them and they are sitting at my new desk in my new office.

I also kept a lot of jewelry but that’s an entirely different post, LOL! That being said I did make these two zipper pulls and of course couldn’t part with them.

To be completely forthcoming this isn’t all the glass that I’ve kept for myself, and I will probably keep 1 or 2 of the boxes I wrote about in an earlier post this month. I love glass and I never get tired of having it around me.

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Keeping my kilns warm,


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