Glass from other Places

While I was in Murano looking at all the glass it reminded me of all the glass I’ve bought from all the other places I’ve been.

One of the first places I’ve ever seen glass blowing was in Sweden the first time I was stationed in Germany back in 1990. The glass blower made little birdies. Also this cool cracked bottle I found in Scandinavia.






The rest aren’t in any specific order but are some of my favorites.

These two are from China and are painted inside. When I was stationed in Japan my family and I went to China. I bought some very cool glass while during our visit.






These are from again while we were stationed in Japan, we went to Okinawa and bought this glass, we keep it in our cupboards and use it on a regular basis.






When I was stationed in Turkey I bought stone. I loved Turkey so much I went back and took my family I bought this fabulous chi set. When you go in a store they give you chi, so this set means a lot to me. I also bought everyday chi cups.






These two pieces I bought in Scotland. Similar glass both were blown.






When I went to Ireland I bought some Kilkenny Glass (similar to Waterford). Simple but very fancy.






Most people may not know this but the Czech Republic is renown for their glass work. I just had an amazing time when I went to Prague back when I was stationed in Germany. Here are just a couple of pieces. All different types. Matter of fact if I go TDY to Germany again, I’ll be taking a train back to Prague it’s such a beautiful city.






When I went TDY to Israel a while back I got this amazing piece. It’s pretty small but it’s spectacular. It’s called Roman glass.






When I was stationed in Germany the second time I bought a lot of glass. The first is Barometer, which I think is pretty neat. The second is a vase I got in the black forest and hand-blown. I love watching glass being blown.






These perfume bottles were bought both in Egypt and Saudi, both places I was deployed to.  In case you were curious yes I did see the Pyramids, they are magnificent. As far as Saudi again yes, while I was there I had to wear an Abayas. Albeit the dress didn’t bother me as much as how the American men changed the way they treated us.  Squirrel!

I love the perfume bottles, I couldn’t chose so I have about 10-15 of them!






When I was deployed to Iraq I bought more perfume bottles but this time they were filled with perfume. It’s been almost 10 years and this one still smells amazing.






BTW, no this is not all the glass I have bought over the years. The ironic thing is the majority of it was all purchased before I started fusing glass. My point is I’ve always loved glass. It’s so beautiful and each piece is unique.

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