Glass Filigree Sun-catchers with Lela

I love glass and all the amazing things you can make with it. Last month Lela and I were visiting my friend Coral and she showed this beautiful Glass Filigree Sun-catcher (it’s made with a stained glass technique). So Lela and I signed up for it. But instead of using Coral’s glass Lela and I made the glass at my house. The first thing we did was go through my fused glass cabochons and picked out ones we wanted to use. Then we added some other more simple pieces of glass we cut them into squares, circles, etc. I fired them at a low temp just to make them a bit more smooth and pop the iridized.

After all the glass was fired Lela came back over and we foiled a lot of pieces, our plan was to make 2 each. It was fun just arranging and rearranging the glass.

The last step was going to Coral’s and making the sun-catcher. BTW the class included all these steps but we just wanted to spend more time together. The first picture is mine after soldering and then after I patina-ed it. Lela’s is on the right side, isn’t it amazing! She is really good at stained glass and she is so detailed orientated and I just love how intricate it is.

We ended up only making one but we have plans to make the other one eventually. I need to get better at smoothing my solder. Don’t they look great in the light or even on the wall.

BTW while I was at Coral’s I looked up and saw these adorable hanging butterflies. I couldn’t help but get a couple. I make fused glass butterflies (bottom 2 pictures are ones I made), but I’ve never included little feet and I just love the little feet. Another reason I bought the butterflies is respect for Coral, she’s a talented artist and a wonderful friend and I wanted to show her that respect.

Thank you Coral and Lela for spending time with me. I’m so lucky to know such talented and wonderful women!

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