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In my DYK (below) I wrote about my trip to Ottawa Canada this month. When I travel (for work or pleasure) I try to see something that’s glass related. When I asked my fused glass Facebook group they told me to visit Glass eMotions studio outside of Ottawa. The picture above is from Glass eMotion’s website, it’s from her back yard looking at the studio.

I’ve been wanting to take a class with Margurite Beneke, a wonderful glass artist from South Africa. She is new to teaching and has only been teaching in Ottawa, so I thought I’d give Glass eMotions a call. Glass eMotions is owned by Crystal, a lovely and talented artist. She was closed for remodeling but she invited me in like we were old friends. Just so you can see some of Margurite’s artwork I just googled her and here are just some pictures of her amazing artwork. I can’t wait to take her class.

First of all, I want to Thank Crystal for being so gracious as to let me visit on such short notice. You are so sweet and kind to let me pepper you with questions (I must have changed topics 100 times in the 30 minutes I was there) and wonder all over your studio. This is a picture of Crystal holding one of her beautiful dropouts. Look how huge it is! As I said very talented artist.

She let me take photos of her studio but since she is remodeling I don’t want to show them, but suffice it to say it’s going to be tremendous when she’s done. I will show one of my favorite pieces of Crystals, isn’t she beautiful!

I also loved how she had glass art all over her yard. I kept saying oh this reminds me of Laurie’s place (Laurie Spray is a fabulous artist near Santa Cruz and I LOVE her so much I’m going back in November). This is Crystal’s backyard, such a beautiful setting for a fused glass retreat and so many decks you can just pick your view.

As I mentioned one of the reasons I wanted to stop by Glass eMotions is I want to take a class with Margurite Beneke After seeing Crystal’s studio I have no qualms at all about going back and taking a class with her (I just won’t fly through Toronto). BTW Crystal has several terrific guest instructors scheduled, so if you are a fused glass artist check out Glass eMotions. Couldn’t help myself here is another one of Margurite’s pieces from google.

Thank you again Crystal and I hope to see you and Margurite in May.

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