Glass cut-outs

Waterjet glass cut-outs are awesome, and I’ve used them in several fused glass projects. Here are just a few projects with waterjet cut-outs that I got from my good friend Tracy. Aren’t they fabulous, BTW I love my bears.

When Tracy makes the cut-outs, she has lots of outlines leftover, here are a few I have in my studio.

Here are some of the cut-outs by themselves. In case you were curious, it’s pretty difficult to make these cuts with a normal glass saw. Tracy did such a great job, on these laser-jet shapes.

Here are a few pictures of Tracy making the cut-outs with her wazer. It’s a cool machine, however it takes a bit of space and a lot of know-how.

Anyway, I was over at Tracy’s studio a while back and we were chopping up the cut-out outlines and making little dots. It was so difficult for me to chop up all these beautiful outlines, they are so pretty, so I asked her if I could keep a few and see what I could do with them. Lucky for me she said yes.

I’m so happy she did, I made 2 little butterflies, as stand-alones then fused them to another piece of glass. Look how great they turned out. I love my little glass scenes, now to decide how to display them. Which is your favorite background?

I also used the outlines as a stencil and just put the glass right on the glass instead of firing it as a separate piece. They turned out really nice as well. A bit more overspray so to speak, which makes them have a softer look. I also think I fired them a bit hotter.

I haven’t decided how to display the two little ones, either candle holder, night light, or just as a little art piece. Which is your favorite way to display my little ones? I could also make them into suncatchers.

Lastly, I just put the cutout outline on a piece of glass and just filled it with frit. I like it, the key is to have a nice outline like the butterflies below, that doesn’t need any other embellishment. I haven’t decided what to do with it, maybe keep it as an example.

Additionally, I used an outline of hands and then put different hand cut-outs. I love this piece, to me it represents America’s melting-pot.

So, which is your favorite? I’d love to hear your input.

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