Glass Blowing Demo at CMOG

As I mentioned in my last couple of blogs I took a trip to NY and to the Corning Museum of Glass. It was so much fun. One of my favorite parts of our visit to the CMOG was the glass blowing demonstrations.  One thing you may not know about the CMOG is not only is it a museum they also have a lot of glass classes. We were only there for 1 day so we didn’t have a chance to take a class, but the demos were the next best thing.

Glass Blowing









I don’t have pictures of the glass blowing, but I have a video, hopefully it will work in the newsletter.



They are also creating an aquarium with creatures made from glass. One of my favorite was the octopus. Yep all glass!! I’m not sure if you can see the detail but it was incredible.







We all went to the demo and it was great as you see I’m holding the octopus and the textures were also wonderful.  Then Julie and I went back and watched another glass blowing demo. We were talking to Chris, because during the first show we were told he made the octopus so we talked to him about it.  We told him how much we loved his artwork and that our two favorites besides the octopus were also his. So he asked Julie if she would take the purple and orange bowl. We were both shocked it’s a gorgeous piece.  He told us they can’t sell their pieces and that they just give them away when there are big groups. Understand there were just 3 of us there (Julie, another boy, and me).







Then Chris  asked me if I could get one home too and I’m like absolutely.  So I’m looking at them and he points to this beautiful purple and blue piece and said do you want this one?  I was more than shocked. Other than the octopus it was my absolute favorite!!!  Blue is my daughter’s favorite color and purple is mine so it is so perfect for me. I just love it. A real piece of art.







Chris was such a gentlemen he even carried it out and put in my car!! I’m just so so grateful that he gave me this beautiful glass blown piece of art!  His response to our reactions was “I’m just glad they are going to good homes”! I assured him they were so going to good homes!!

My next blog is about another small little glass shop we went too in Corning.

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