Glaskolben Ornament Class at D&L with Tracy

Recently, I took a Glaskolben ornament class at D&L with my good friend Tracy. I took this class several years ago and to put it plainly – I sucked at it. The picture on the left are my ornaments from my first glaskolben class I took years ago – crap! The worst one from my recent class is on the right and it’s still better than all of them from my first class. To say the least I wasn’t looking forward to the class.

From the D&L site; “a Glaskolben is used for mouth-blowing ornaments, spheres, and other round shapes and is perfect for glass artists who are interested in beginning lampworking. When colored with various 90 COE Bullseye frit, it’s easy to create 10 unique ornaments for the holidays!” BTW Cortney is a great instructor. she explained it so well and I really enjoyed the class.

Here are some pictures of me making my ornaments and how they turned out. What a great class! They aren’t perfect but so much better than my last class. I really think I understand the right way to do them now. I did have two blow outs this time, but last time I had 3 or 4, much improved.

That being said, yes mine are better than last time, but Tracy really rocked it, and this was her first class. She just has the color vision and the light touch that made hers perfect. Here are some pictures of Tracy’s ornaments and her making them. BTW Tracy had no small ones and no blowouts – all big and beautiful!!

Both Tracy and I want to do this again, so we bought all the supplies. I can’t wait to try making ornaments again this way and see if I can make even better ones.

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  1. Hope to join your classes this spring. I am recovering from surgery presently. Please add me to your list emails.

    • Thank you Joan, I’ll add you to my list.
      I hope your recovery is quick. Let me know what you’d like to make and I’ll put it on the schedule.

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