Fusing with Coral – Birds on a Fence

I’ve mentioned Coral many times in my posts. Coral runs Full Spectrum in Colorado Springs. She is the person who taught me fused glass and I am forever grateful for the knowledge she has shared with me over the years.  I’ve known Coral for 15 years, she is a good friend, and I have taken many classes with her.  Even though I consider myself an advanced fused glass artist I still visit Coral and love taking classes from her. Last month I took a class with Coral that I’ve been wanting to take for a long time. It’s her birds on a wire class. It gave us time to catch up and to share our love of glass.

This is the piece I made in class. I just love the birds and it’s such a fun piece. Coral is a great teacher and even though I think I’m pretty good with glass she always teaches me something new because doesn’t hold back with her knowledge.  I’m so glad I took this class and was able to spend some time with her.  Two things, one the glass slipped and you can see the support glass under the hanger, not a big deal I never sell the piece I make in class. 

As a fused glass artist I don’t like to fire my kiln half empty so when I got home and put it in the kiln there was enough room for two so I made another one. Coral had given me the patterns for the birds and I have plenty of glass so I just made another piece very similar to the first but I did add some flowers and vitrigraph. It fired a bit hotter than I’d like but It think it’s cool.  Also instead of hanging I slumped this one to into a sconce.

These are fun pieces and I’m glad I finally got to make them. Thank you Coral for being my friend and an amazing instructor.

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