Fusing – “non-fusible glass” (Art Glass)

There are two main types of COE that I use and I’ve blogged about coefficient of expansion (COE) of fused glass many times. As I mentioned before COE is how glass expands and contracts when it heats and cools. When glass is the same COE and is considered fusible it can be fused to other glass that’s the same COE. The primary glass I use is bullseye, which is close to 90 COE and the other glass I use is spectrum 96 COE. There is also float glass or window glass around COE 82.

I explained again about the COE so I can discuss non-fusible Art Glass. Any glass including non-fusible art glass is fusible to itself. Art Glass is a little expensive, but it’s very beautiful. I can be stain glass, architecture glass, etc.. As I said Art Glass can be used to fuse, but is very challenging. One reason is because Art Glass can only be fused to itself i.e., not with any other glass – including clear glass. It also can change colors and the firing schedule can be a little tricky.

So I’m sure you are wondering what can be done with Art Glass if it can only be fused to itself and why bother if it’s such a pain to use. Mainly because art glass is so pretty. Moreover there is quite a bit that art glass can be used for in fusing.

First it can be cut and one piece can be slumped or draped into functional art for example a dish, votive or lamp, bowl, sun-catcher, etc.


Fused glass Votive
Draped art glass – Votive
Fused Glass Bowl
Slumped Art Glass – bowl
Fused Glass Dish
Slumped Art Glass – Dish

Second is by fusing Art Glass to itself, means you can create art, for example this beautiful fused glass a coral bowl.


Fused Glass - Coral bowl
Art Glass – Coral bowl













Third, the art glass can be cut up and put it in casting molds to make jewelry. Believe it or not each of these fused glass pendants are from art glass.


Art Glass - fused glass pendants
Art Glass – fused glass pendants
Art Glass - fused glass pendants
Art Glass – fused glass pendants
Art Glass - fused glass pendants
Art Glass – fused glass pendants













Fourth, since it can be fused together, I fused two pieces together then drilled snap pieces out of the glass. Some of these pieces are so pretty they can stand on their own, for example the green snaps remind me of malachite so I will leave them as they are now. However, decals can also be fused onto art glass, so for most of these I will fuse decals on them e.g., gold or white on the darker snaps and black on the lighter snaps.


Art Glass - fused glass snap pebbles
Art Glass – fused glass snap pebbles







I hope you like the multiple ways art glass can be fused.

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



  1. Hello Karen, I have enjoyed my hobby with glass for many years. I’m working on a piece at the moment which involves fusing. Not having used my kiln (Jen-Ken) for several years I’m a bit hesitant.
    Three little birds x 2 have been cut out of the same sheet of glass but unfortunately one piece broke. My question is, if I put the broken piece on the bottom will it fuse successfully?
    I don’t have enough glass to cut another one.
    Do you think it will fuse without any problems, either now or in the future (after they have been placed on my mosaic?)
    I love you website and the amazing pieces you have on display.
    Kind Regards,
    PS..I’m in Australia

  2. Is flashed glass fusable

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