Fused Glass with Bob Leatherbarrow

Yesterday I blogged about some of my time on Salt Springs Island.  I really love the island and the people of course, the reason why I went to the island is to take a class with Bob Leatherbarrow or should I say the King of Crackle.  But there is so much more to the fused glass Bob creates.  I enjoyed my class so so much.

In the first class he introduced us to fused glass wafers and during this class he kicked them up a notch.  During this class we  made our cave art wafers, which were much more challenging and fun. I really like my horse and man!

man horse


Then we made the pebble shields, there is more to this than meets the eye. I really enjoyed this technique, albeit mine wasn’t as good as some of my other classmates but I learned from mine mistakes and their successes.



Then we did the pseudo battuto, which I loved a lot, I like the big islands. I call this one Bob, because Bob used mine as the example and demonstrated the process on it. So it’s more his than mine, other than the crackle! Bottom line is its mine all mine!! I say that because typically I don’t sell the fused glass pieces that I make in class because I use class to experiment with colors and designs.  This one is mint green and I must say I love that color!! We also made a interesting wafer for it as well. The wafer is really interesting, but was a bit of a challenge at first.

bob bob1










The last piece we made is more of a practice piece for me, but the technique is wonderful and has unlimited possibilities! I’m a firm believer fused glass classes are meant to learn the different techniques so that’s what I did for this piece.








I love all of these fused glass techniques albeit, one of my absolute favorites is the background of the cave art! There are a couple of firings but I just love the techniques used in this projects, it really opens the possibilities! BTW I love the shape of these pieces as well as the organic edges.  So tomorrow I’ll write one more blog about my trip to Salt Springs Island! I’m excited to see what ya’ll think of these fused glass pieces.

In addition to the amazing glass techniques, Bob spent a bit of time teaching us various display options. All simple and elegant! Again so many great aspects to this class.

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