fused glass Votives

In addition to my shows and commercial orders, I also make fused glass pieces for the shop in Denver, Tulip,  that show cases my fused glass. The last time I visited Patty she asked me to make some fused glass votives and candle shields. Typically when I fire fused glass I want to keep the pieces using similar glass i.e. either 90 COE (bullseye) or 96 (spectrum). So I did the votives first and I must say they are so pretty.


Fused Glass votives








One of many of the interesting things about glass is the viscosity of glass. I fired all of these at the same time but you can see that some of them stretched more than others. I personally like the tall fused glass votives. The other thing I did with my fused votives is I didn’t center them all. Don’t get me wrong I like the centered one but I also like the “thrown” look of the ones that aren’t centered.

This is a beautiful Fused glass votive, it’s a little tall,  6 1/2 ” tall by 4 1/2 ” wide.  It’s a dark plum with white spots but deep inside it’s also iridized so really really special!

votive purple







This votive is blue iridized and again a little tall 6 ” tall by 5 1/4 ” wide.

votives blue







Now this fused glass votive is a little shorter but just as spectacular it’s a deep streaky purple iridized and is 4 ” tall by 5 1/2 ” wide.

votives irid







This fused glass votive is a little wider (4 1/2 ” tall by 6 ” wide. ) than the others because it could be turned into a lamp. Not all of them can. I would probably want it to be a little taller to cover the bulb though.

votive streaky







This fused glass votive is relatively small (3 1/4 ” tall by 4 1/2 ” wide) but it’s hand made glass in other words I made it with various colors of powders. It’s so pretty.

votive powder







This is a lovely deep red with textured iridized glass on the outside.  It’s  4 ” tall by 5 1/2 ” wide.

votive red







Lastly the beautiful emerald green with iridized on the outside. It’s 3 1/2 ” tall by 5″ wide.

votive green







I’m sure you are wondering what are these fused glass votives used for. Obviously votives are for candles but they actually go beyond that. They can be used for candy, keys, potpourri, and pretty much anything you can think of. I even tried a tall one in my bathroom for my toothbrush and toothpaste. It was perfect. Another way to use these votives is to put a flower frog or floral pin for a couple of flowers. I learned Ikebana in Japan and it’s elegant and beautiful. Traditional Ikebana uses low vases but these fused glass votives will also work well.

I liked them so much I plan on making several more, changing some of the shapes.

I hope you like my fused glass votives.

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