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Normally I do reviews on fused glass books, but this year I also wanted to do reviews on books, videos, and products involving Fused Glass as well. This month I’m doing a review on the David Alcala’s video Sand to Glass Vol II.

For those of you who follow my blog know that sadly David Alcala passed away on Sept 6th 2014. As I mentioned in my 27 Sept 14 Blog I took a class from David and he was wonderful and so gifted. I liked the class so much I bought both his videos Sand Tapestry & Sand to Glass Vol II.

I will tell you I’ve watch both videos several times, David was so mesmerizing. David was a visionary he developed the tapestry technique for fused glass, which is creating the glass vertically. I’ve created several pieces for jewelry using David’s technique. I could spend a year just talking about David’s techniques and the products he invented with the aid of other talented fused glass artists.

I digress I’m suppose to talk about David’s Sand to Glass Vol II video. First David did a review of Flexi-Glass, then mica, and stringers, then his version of pattern bars, and so much more.

I enjoyed Sand to Glass Vol II, so much I bought his first book Sand to Glass. Yes I’ve taken his class, yes I have his videos, and yes I do his tapestries (Not close to his capabilities).  WOW I really love his techniques!

BTW as I was watching the end of the video with examples of his amazing work there is a picture of our class  sadly I’m not in the picture but it’s so cool that our class was included in the video!

Just in case I have not made it abundantly clear, I LOVE David Alcala’s video Sand to Glass Vol II!  David’s techniques are mind-blowing so if you are a fused glass artist please do not buy this video I want to keep them to myself! Just kidding, everyone should see David in action!  My deepest sympathy to his wife and to the Fused Glass community for the great loss of David Alcala.

If you would like to see more of my fused glass work or more of my reviews please refer to my website Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

Keeping my Kiln warm,



  1. Hello Karen. Thank you for the thoughtful and kind words shared about my father on on your blog. He would be happy that his students are doing their best to keep his dream alive. I too am now honoring his legacy by continuing to stay creative and sharing my passion for glass art. Happy Holidays ad message anytime. -Sean

    • Sean,
      You are very welcome. I only took 1 class (in person) from your Dad but Ill never forget him. He was amazing to watch. You should have seen the class yell out in shock when he emptied the test piece. He was an extraordinary artist. As are you. I love seeing your posts.
      Merry Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year. -Karen

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