Fused Glass Vases

There are many ways to create a fused glass vases, most of which I’ve blogged about before.

Fused glass Handkerchief vases. They can be made with round glass or square glass, big or small.

Votive Blue Bubble ZAPP


This is a fused glass handkerchief vase with handmade glass and clear glass on the edge.






This is a double layered glass lots of fun but it won’t hold a lot but perfect for candles. BTW it is a handkerchief vase too!





These are all handkerchief vases, with square glass – some small and some big.




These 3 are also handkerchief vases but with various shapes  and very large and thick pieces of glass.

It’s difficult to tell but they are awesome! the middle one is dark but has a lot of depth!!!

Fused Glass Vase
Fused Glass Vase
Fused Glass Vase
Fused Glass Vase
Fused Glass Vase
Fused Glass Vase















vasedrop drape 3 drop2 drop4






I’ve also talked about fused glass drop out vases, the first two are drops (round) but I left the rims on and put a bottom on them. The last two are still fused glass drops (square), but I cut off the rings and ground the bottoms so the vases don’t wobble?




If you would like to see more of my fused glass work please refer to my website Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

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