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For those of you who follow my fused glass blogs you know that this year I’m focusing on fused glass techniques I’ve learned over the years. One of my favorite ways to learn new fused glass techniques, other than classes of course, is e-books. The reason is because it cost a lot of money to go to these amazing classes.

One of my favorite fused glass e-book studios is Helios. They have 17 e-books albeit, I’ll be focusing on 12 e-books that I’ve purchased and love.







The first e-book I want to blog about is the fused glass drop-out book. This is the first resource I used on making drop-out vases. This is one of the reasons I took the class with Tanya and Amanda. The interesting thing is with every class I learn more but technically this e-book was the start of it all.

I’ve made many fused glass drop out vases over the years to look at a few of my past blogs click either of these links: drop, vases, .

A couple of things about this drop vase experiment; normally you drop a fully fused glass ingot, but Paul showed that didn’t need to be true. So these (left picture) are the ingots I put in the kiln, the problem is I didn’t keep an eye on them and a few dropped to far (right picture).







It’s funny some of them went too far and the others didn’t.













It’s kind of funny the new technique which was 3 layers and went too far I decided I’d do another using the same colors. Yep it went too far too.






So I decided I’d try one more time and it turned out perfectly but when I cut off the rim, it was a bit thin so I had to go shorter than I’d like.  Based on this I learned several things: first to watch them and second so they aren’t too thin don’t let it drop too far.







Three of the vases that went too far I cut them off but the glass was so then I had to cut them pretty deep, they are still pretty cool.

I really liked one of them that went too far and I’m going to keep it, like it is.






I cut two of them off and they look great but I need to do some more coldworking. I’m going to keep the green one the way it is with the rim, but I need to get a stand for it to keep it up right.






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  1. You have taken the very nice initiative by educating people about the techniques of glass art.

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