Fused Glass Stirrers and Flower Stakes

Anytime I have space in my kiln I fire fused glass stirrers or flower stakes. I think they are fun to make and pretty easy as well. First you may ask, they look so similar what’s the difference. The main difference is with stirrers you don’t want the top decoration to be too big, additionally the shape – typically the stirrer is narrower than a flower stake, and lastly the stirrer has a little bulb on the bottom to help stirrer. See the picture on the left they all have little bulbs, so these are stirrers.

Here are some dichroic fused glass stirrers I made recently. Some I put the clear on top of the dichroic. Some I put a piece of dichroic on then put a dot of clear and one that I just put a dichroic cabochon on. No matter how I do it I love dichroic glass and I think they look great as stirrers.

Here are some of my new flower stakes I want them to look like flowers. I think they turned out pretty nice. I made the stake thinner, so these are strictly for house plants.

I thought I’d make some flower stakes for the holidays too. the first four are for Christmas (candles and Christmas trees). I also made some ghost flower stakes, what’s cool about the ghost is I made the eyes glow in the dark. I think they are pretty cool. I just wish I could grow flowers!

So, it’s time for a test. Which is a stirrer, and which is a flower stake?

Of course, I also made some traditional flower stakes, but these I fired where they don’t have as much texture, I still like them.

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