Fused Glass Stars

Recently one of my customers asked me if I could make fused glass stars. Normally when I make fused glass stars, I make them this way.

However, for Sharon, she wanted them a little different. I made a few variations. She picked two different sizes – 12 all together. I’m glad she liked them, and I am happy I have a new way to make stars. It’s funny how they all melt differently.

Which is your favorite star?

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Keeping my kilns warm,



  1. Janet Dobrzyn says:

    HI Karen,
    I love the stars, all of them. I love the solid people stars. they are so cute. the new ones that you did are terrific, especially in the various sizes. i could see a whole tree decorated with those stars, either on color or multiple colors. you are so creative.

    i still plan on sending you some remains of my vase to have you replicate the fuse glass vase that got broken in the move. we have emailed each other several times about it. But i find the pieces, then i lose them, then i find them. When i find them, i don’t have the time or money to send them at that point. LOL. my life is pretty crazy these days. Isn’t everyone’s?

    • Janet that happens to me all the time. I’d love to try to remake your vase. If you send me all the remains I’ll see what I can do with them as well. Karen

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