Fused Glass Spoons

Last month I blogged about my hand-painted spoon. It’s so pretty. I’m looking forward to painting more spoons.






I got so excited about my spoon, I thought I’d make a few more. Albeit this time I thought I’d make a some holiday ones.

I made a snowman and a mummy fused glass spoon.












I also made a simple fused glass spoon with frit. I like the colors. I think I may make another one but on a clear spoon blank.






I’m anxious to see what ya’ll think of my fused glass spoons. I love them all!  They can be used or just for decoration. I must admit I think the mummy would be difficult to eat from but it’s pretty cool for fun!


  1. Powell Kathy says:

    Love the fused Snowman & mummy spoons. Will you have them at the RHS craft fair?

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