Fused Glass Review – Screen Melts

Each month I tried to do a review of some kind of the myriad of Fused Glass DVDs, E-books, Magazines, tutorials, etc. that I watch or read. I watch several of the Glass Pattern Quarterly (GPQ) webinars. Some I watch during the first run, so to speak, so I can ask questions. Others I just buy the DVD. Overall I like GPQ webinars, sometimes I think the moderators talk a little too much, but I like the majority of the instructors. This particular review is about Screen Melts by Dennis Brady. I like Dennis, I read / watch out his tutorials on his web page, I’m a member of his Facebook group, I’ve watched other of his DVDs etc.






Please understand I’ve created several fused glass screen melts, some using screens and others using ceramic screens (more on that in February’s DYK). That being said, I still really enjoyed Dennis’s take on screen melts. Clearly he is extremely experienced in screen melts. He provides a lot of information about screen melts and hits on some other projects to create with screen melts. Of course when an instructor hits on other ideas, it just makes you want to know more information. If I were to have a criticism it would have been nice to have him go into more detail about how to use the screen melts as pebbles and adding extra sheet glass. But that’s probably because I just love learning all that I can learn.

I had bought one of Dennis’s screen setups a while back but hadn’t used it in a while.  So I got it out and cleaned it up like the video said. It took a while to get all the old glass off but it did come off just like he said. Here is a picture of the screen after I cleaned it off.

screen 3






For some unknown reason I forgot to take a picture of the glass before it was fired. Oh well. Here is a picture of the setup after fusing. You can see a lot of the spalding but as Dennis said no problems with it being stuck to the glass. BTW I used a relatively small kiln and had no issues. In the second picture you can see a bit more of the debris but it cleaned off easily.

screenscreen 2






Here is the finished piece before coldworking and I must tell you, this picture does not do it justice. I followed his scheduled and it’s perfect! This is such a beautiful piece I think I’ll clean up the edges and put it in a stand. Yes it’s that beautiful!

wire screenmelt







If you’ve never done done a screen melt, I highly encourage Dennis’s DVD. I also recommend his screen setup as well.

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