Fused Glass Purse Hangers and Security Chains

During my shows and even on my websites I receive questions regarding my Fused Glass Purse Hangers and Security Chains so I thought I’d make a youtube video to show some off and explain how they work.

I create three times of fused glass purse hangers. The first wraps around it’s self and stores easily in the bag that it is shipped with and fits easily in your purse for you to use anytime you are out and you don’t want your purse on the floor. The second fused glass purse hanger is similar except it is embedded with swarovski crystals and it opens to reveal a tiny mirror – so it’s a purse hanger and a mirror.  The last purse hanger I have right now is a little bigger and it doesn’t fold albeit I do provide a bag for it as well – this one is perfect to use at work.

In addition to purse hangers (or purse hooks) the video discusses one type of key chain I have that is also a flashlight. Please note even though I didn’t mention this in the video any fused glass pendant on my sites can be made into a keychain very easily. If you have any questions please email me at elegantfusedglassbykaren@gmail.com.

What makes the fused glass keychain / flashlight special is it can also be change into a fused glass purse guard with the addition of a security chain. It’s perfect for security your purse to a chair or to the grocery cart so it won’t get stolen.

Not many of the items are on my site (www.elegantfusedglassbykaren.com) however, if you would like one please email me at elegantfusedglassbykaren@gmail.com.  Additionally, if you would like a custom fused glass purse hanger or purse guard / flashlight please let me know.

Please watch the video and let me know if you have any questions.

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