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This will be an unusual blog, because it’s not topic focused, except to say I have so many fused glass projects I want to work on this month. So many in fact I can’t seem to get them started. I have been busy both at home and at work. I’ve started my 30 powders in 30 days challenge, as I mentioned in my last blog. Which has inspired me, not just with powders e.g., I’ve drawn things I’ve never thought I could draw. Please don’t misunderstand they are horrible but just trying something new!

I am a fused glass mold (used for slumping, draping, and casting)  hoarder! So many that I have some that I’ve never used. So starting next month I’m going to use a fused glass mold each week that I’ve never used before until I’ve used every one of my molds. It takes a minimum of 2 firings using a mold so it will take a while to get through my molds but my goal is one a week.

I’m also going to try a new fused glass technique once a month this will start this month.

Oh and did I tell you I’ll be working 10-12 hrs at my day job. so it will be a busy month! That being said I wanted to show you a few fused glass pendants I’ve done just this week!

I look forward to see what you think of my new fused glass pieces. Let me know what you think.

Keeping my kiln warm,


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