Fused glass projects based on Recycled glass webinars






Adding frit to glass, this is very common in the art glass world but with bottle glass and float glass it’s just not as easy because of compatibility issues. However, after watching Jodi’s webinars I want to try it with some of my float. So I just came into some compatible frit for bottles / float and will try it for another blog or maybe even a did you know.  This is one where frit is added to sheet glass discussed in Aprils newsletter and CPI molds.





I guess one of my questions for ya’ll is which is your favorite fuse and fold animals?  Frog, cricket, butterfly, stegosaurus, chameleon, hummingbird, lizard, or chickens?  I must admit I like them all and can’t wait to make them again! I learned some valuable lessons and my next ones will be even better.



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