Fused Glass Poinsettia

I love a challenge and one of my customers and friends asked me to make a poinsettia. There are a couple of different texture molds that I showed her. She asked me if I minded making both and I told her absolutely not. I made some test sheets and we chose the colors then I made this one. It can be kept as a sculpture or I can slump it into a bowl. It takes a lot of work but I think it’s really pretty. I like it as a sculpture because it can be seen from both sides.

I also made a big fused glass poinsettia bowl. It turned out really nice. As you can see I slumped it into a bowl. It’s a perfect centerpiece bowl.

Thank you Bette, I love making new pieces and I appreciate your support. I’m glad you like your poinsettia bowl.

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Keeping my kiln warm,



  1. Margie Vruggink says:

    You are so talented Karen! I enjoy seeing the different glass products you create.

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