Fused Glass Pocket Heart Donations

I love creating fused glass and I love sharing my fused glass. I look for worthy places to donate my glass artwork. Sometimes it’s for them to resell like Mission Wolf or www.millionkids.org and some of them are just as gifts like when I gave several pieces to Mary’s Home/Dream Centers “A Safe Haven for Women and Children”. I was on Facebook the other day and saw the post below. I lived in Oklahoma when I was a kid and still have two wonderful cousins who live there. What this means is Oklahoma has a special place in my heart, so when I saw this post, I decided to send them fused glass pocket hearts for each of their students and teachers. So, I messaged them and asked how many students and teachers’ part of their school are – 130 total.

I created 150 (I wanted a few extra) fused glass pocket hearts for their school. Here are some in the kiln prior to fusing and when they are done.

The hearts start out like the picture on the left and then I use my saw to create the hearts. I cut about 50 and my saw’s belt broke as well as a couple of the blue pulleys broke. I was worried I wouldn’t get them to the school before Valentine’s Day.

Here are 150 fused glass hearts all ready to be shipped. I’m so proud of these fused glass hearts, they are various sizes, colors, and there are countless techniques. I enjoyed making them.

I also decided to give them a framed heart for their office. I put a magnet on the back of the heart, so if they chose to use it as a magnet instead of in the frame they can. I won’t blame them if they do that because my printing is horrible.

I put the fused glass hearts in little bags for each of the students and teachers. Here they are all boxed up. I hope they like them.

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Keeping my kilns warm,


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  1. Ruth Ann Shores says:

    I work at Oklahoma School for the Deaf and in charge of the mail,
    THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and so thoughtful. I have made contact with the teacher and she is on her way to pick them up.

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