Fused Glass Pocket Crosses

During one of my shows last year I was asked if I could make pocket crosses. I wasn’t sure what she mean and she explained they are just to keep them in your pocket without a bail. It reminded me of worry stones. When I was stationed in Turkey, worry stones were very common. In fact I’ve made a few worry stones. I’ll post pictures next time I come across them. But I decided to make some pocket crosses.  There are a couple ways to make fused glass crosses: casting, layering, or hand cutting.  You make an ingot (slab of glass) and then draw the cross and then cut it with a saw. Because they are hand drawn and hand cut they aren’t perfect but I like them because they are all unique and thick.

The picture on the left shows the front of the crosses and the picture on the right shows the back of the crosses. As you can see they aren’t perfect but they are all unique.






Here are some more of my fused glass crosses. They can be pendants or pocket crosses. I’ll probably wait to put the bails on them. I think they are so beautiful.






I also made a couple of smaller crosses. I put a normal size cross next to them so you can see the difference.

The little black one is a jet cut cross and I fused a pebble on to it.






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