Fused Glass Plant Stakes

Normally when I make fused glass plant stakes they are casted or cut design pieces. Here are some examples of some of my other fused glass plant stakes. They are all fun to make, I especially like using knives as the stake portion.

But recently I saw a video on fused glass plant stakes that were a bit more simple yet lots of fun. They kind of reminded me of my fused glass stirrers. Speaking of stirrers, here are a few of my new stirrers. All but the sunflower are 90 COE, the sunflower is 96 COE.

So I decided to make a couple of plant stakes in the new technique. It’s funny I can never make just one of anything. I made 2 batches of plant stakes. This first group are 96 COE (coefficient of expansion). Lots of variety on the 96 COE stakes including frit, dots, millefiori, iridized glass, vitrigraph, ladybugs, butterflies, etc. Aren’t they great?

The second group is 90 COE. I know you are probably wondering what’s the difference. It just means I used different glass. Why, because I have vitrigraph, frit, dots (including dichroic), murrine (see the butterfly, lady bug, bee, etc.), millefiori (center of the yellow, left picture), etc., in the different glass COE of glass and I wanted to make a variety stakes. The most important part is if I break one I’ll know what type it is by looking at these pictures, because 90 and 96 COE glass is not compatible.

Which is your favorite type of fused glass plant stake?

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