Fused Glass Picture Frames

I’ve made many fused glass photo stands. Normally it’s the ones below, simple but elegant. There’s nothing like real photos and these are great to go anywhere and make perfect gifts.

This is a very different type of fused glass photo frame. I love them so much that I made these a while back but because they didn’t fit into a stand I wasn’t sure how to display them. I asked Jodi to make me some stands that are wide enough to hold my photo frames. This particular one is the pebble technique and is fabulous – the picture doesn’t do it justice. You can see the stand Jodi made matches the frame perfectly the last photo is of the back.

This is a fun one, it has various colors, silver, and again matches Jodi’s stand perfectly.

Here is my red, white, and blue fused glass photo frame. if you look closely the stand looks good with this piece too. Jodi really did a great job making my stands.

This one is much bigger so the stand had to be bigger. Aren’t the colors fabulous! This one was made with pattern bars.

I can’t honestly tell you which is my favorite. This one is more transparent but it has silver as well. The stand is pretty thick but it goes well with my frame.

This one is a bit different, it’s smaller so I put a hanger on the back so it hangs verses using a stand. It’s still beautiful!

So you can see the different sizes I thought I’d show you groups of them. I just love them, I’d like to know which you like best. Can you tell I love pictures!

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