Fused glass Pebbles

For today’s blog I wanted to write about one of my new fused glass obsession. It’s called Fused glass pebbles.

I took a fused glass boot camp class from one of the best fused glass artists / instructors I know. Her name of course is Tanya Veit. I’ve blogged about Tanya many times, I adore her, she’s so talented, giving, beautiful, vivacious, and so many other adjectives I could fill a book. Anyway I’ve taken numerous classes with her, bought every video she has (just bought her new one!), and even bought the magazines she’s published in.

In addition to the videos she sells she also produces a free fused glass video every couple months. They are awesome because you get to see and hear her amazing personality. I’m losing focus (clearly I love Tanya) about what this blog is about.

As I mentioned the pebbles began in a boot camp class and we made a tower with them. I love my fused glass pebble tower so much it’s in my living room so I can stare at it whenever I want. When my husband suggested I sell it because it’s so beautiful I said NO!

My Fused Glass pebble tower
My Fused Glass pebble tower









Anyway a few months ago Tanya released a video about the fused glass pebble technique using the technique in a different manner e.g., jewelry and bowls. I loved it and have been making them ever since. The possibilities and colors are endless. I love them because they are so organic and each one is so different. Here are just a few examples:

fused glass pebble pendants
fused glass pebble pendants







fused glass pebble snap pendants
fused glass pebble snap pendants




I also love making them into my fused glass snap jewelry.






IMG_2087a IMG_2088a
The other aspect I love about them is they are beautiful both front and back.


And of course the fused glass pebbles don’t have to be used just for pendants. I’ve made wine stoppers, purse hangers, security chains and hair bands!
Let me know what you think of my fabulous fused glass pebbles.

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



  1. Hi Karen, great informa5ion. I do fused glass but it’s to cold in my garage sometimes.
    I had a silicon kit for Christmas so was wondering if I could put the small fused glass flowers in a pendant for example. Was worrying about the contraction and expansion and if it would cause it to crack. So maybe just need to experiment.
    Merry Christmas from the UK. X

    • Caroline, if you mean resin then yes, glass and resin go well together. I would just recommend gluing the glass down before pouring the resin over it, even if you are applying a bit of the resin down and let it get a bit tacky first. Merry Christmas!

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