Fused Glass Pebble Pendants

Fused Glass Pebble Pendants
Fused Glass Pebble Pendants








For today’s blog I thought I’d show you one of my new techniques, Fused Glass Pebble Pendants.

I learned this technique in a class I took in Florida. It’s created with little fused glass pebbles, as you can see I used dichroic pebbles in one, or  you can also make it with just opaque or transparent pebbles like two of the others shown. You can also make it out of pebbles from pattern bars, screen melts or any other type of glass you have available. Then the fused glass pebbles are affixed into a setting called trays or bezels. I have several different bezels that can be used with my fused glass pebbles including round, teardrop, hearts, squares, rectangles, etc. I have them in silver, vintage bronze, antiqued copper or gunmetal.

These fused glass pebble pendants are not on my fused glass websites.  If you would like one of my fused glass pebble pendants please email (fused_elegance@yahoo.com) me and let me know what shape and color of bezel you would like. I can also tailor the pebbles set in the bezel.

I look forward to your comments.

Keeping my kiln warm.



  1. Your pebble pendants are beautiful.

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