Fused glass – painted dots

I’ve been revisiting fused glass techniques from my class with Patty Gray.  First I want to tell you a kind of funny story. This was one of my favorite fused glass techniques Patty taught us so it was one of the first ones I redid. I made 2 soap dishes. One didn’t slump right so I was going to reslump it.  Then I proceeded to misplace them. I put them in a safe place and now ????  I can’t find them anywhere.  So when I find my fused glass soap dishes and I will find them I’ll post a picture of them.

Anyway this is the one I made in class. It’s so unique and I just love it.






So after misplacing my fused glass soap dishes I decided I’d make something else using this technique. It’s going to be a platter but I have to cold work the sides and refire it.  I love the contrast of the colors and how they are magnified and contrast with the black.







So what I did that I like and what I would do again. I love the colors (paint and glass) I used and the technique.

What I probably would do differently. I didn’t dam it so where I put the dots expanded. This caused me to do the cold working and extra firing. Additionally, I over lapped the dots with the black and it caused a bit of a distortion.

Bottom line is this is a very cool fused glass technique and I plan on doing more.












I hope ya’ll like this fused glass technique as much as I do!

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