Fused Glass Night Lights – Art that’s Functional

One of my favorite aspects about Fused Glass is how versatile it is. Most people by now have seen Fused Glass jewelry but there is so much more to Fused Glass than jewelry and one of my favorites is Fused Glass Night Lights.  One challenge with Fused Glass is it is difficult to photograph so I thought I’d create a YouTube video to show you some of my Fused Glass Night Lights and a little something more.

Fused glass Night Lights are both functional and beautiful artwork. They add light and beauty to every room. My Fused Glass Night Lights come in every shape and color, some have decals that will not scratch off and some are painted and some are made from glass that speaks for itself and needs no other embellishment.

My Fused Glass Night Lights can be custom created for your home decor and are appropriate for the kitchen, bathroom, child’s room, and any other room in your house. They come in two different styles sensor (when it’s dark they automatically come on perfect for a bathroom or kitchen) and one that you turn on and off.  Additionally I’m working on a third that will be easy to change out (it will have an on/off switch).  The fused glass night light that has an on/off switch comes in three different color bases ivory, white, and black. I can change out the base for little or no charge.


  1. Kathleen says:


    Can you make a couple of fused glass night lights for me? I’d like one that is somewhat stylized “North Star” – Dark blue back ground and maybe starts could even be the big dipper, but have the North Star stand out? Send me a drawing when you have time.

    Also, would like one with your full tree and green/blue background with “stamp” black or brown tree about – similar to what you’ve done on pendants.

    I’d also like a man’s necklace with a wolf stencil of some kind. Not too big, but it doesn’t need to be too small either. Having a nice visible wolf’s head would be preferred.

    I’d need to be able to save up to pay for these sometime in September.

    Thanks for ALL you do and everything creative!!

    All the best to you and yours,


    • Kathleen, It’s so good to hear from you. Of course I can create some custom fused glass night lights for you. I have the perfect color for the north star night light. I’m not sure I understand my tree. The fall aspen, the winter, the spring, or I have some beautiful green aventurine and we could put a stunning gold and white or silver and white tree of life decal. I’ve got some beautiful wolf decals.

      You know I have an open studio going on and you get an automatic 15% discount, if you bring a friend you both get 20%. check out my May newsletter for details. https://www.elegantfusedglassbykaren.com/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=20&wysijap=subscriptions. That way we could pick out the glass together (there are 3 shades of green for the tree alone). Plus we need to pick out the color for your wolf pendant. It needs to be relatively light for this decal.

      I’m excited about the night lights, I have 3 different types of bases (and 3 colors) we need to make some choices.
      Email me when you get a chance and we can set something up.


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