Fused Glass Mud experiment

Over the Labor Day I spent the weekend in Denver with my daughter. She went to desu kan anime conference. While she was at the conference I had planned on going to some of the glass shops in Denver, albeit they were closed due to the holiday. Since I had some free time I spent sometime looking at old Tanya Veit fused glass videos.

I’ve written about Tanya numerous times, she’s an amazing fused glass artist and a fabulous teacher. I’ve been taking fused glass classes, reading her articles, and watching her videos for years now. To say the least, I’m in awe of her.

First, I must say just because some of her videos are free does not mean they aren’t wonderful. Some are product focused and some are technique focused; either way I learn something from them every time.

I enjoyed watching all the videos, so much so I thought I’d a fresh from the kiln. This was my first try of this technique.  What I chose to make is a mixture of bubbles, glass glo, mud, and a texture plate of bubbles and what Tanya called glottery, because it’s glass but it looks like pottery. It’s not perfect but the technique definitely has possibilities. I think I may have put too much mud on. I do love the glass glo, very pretty – it kind of reminds me of mica. I think I will still slump it because it’s always good to keep new techniques so you can learn from them.  I like the bubbles and the texture on the back but I wonder if the dragonflies could have been seen better if the bubbles weren’t there. I also think next time I’ll take the temp up higher, maybe that will smooth out the mud.

front of fused glass mud and glass glo experiment
front of fused glass mud and glass glo experiment
back of fused glass mud and glass glo experiment
back of fused glass mud and glass glo experiment













Even though this one didn’t turn out as nice as I’d like I’m excited about continuing with this technique because I love both glass and pottery and to putting it together is fabulous and a lot of fun.

Keeping my Kilns warm,


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