Fused Glass mountain scene candle screen

fused glass mantle sconce
fused glass bubble candle screen
Fused glass mantel sconce
Fused glass mantel sconce


Custom Fused glass mantel sconce 




I love making fused glass mantle sconces and candle screens. I’ve made several including custom with a picture  created in sepia, my aspens of course, holidays (Santa and Star of David), bubble, just to name a few. I’ve even made more abstract candle screens. The difference between my candle screens and my fused glass mantle sconces is size. My mantle scones are anywhere between 8×8 to 11 x 11. my candle screens are a little smaller.  To me fused glass mantle sconces or candle screens are both functional and beautiful.  They can be used with a candle or without.

I mentioned in my January New Year’s Resolution blog post that I wanted to try more techniques and products out and include them in my blogs. Because Fused glass is more than just putting two pieces of glass together and fusing.

During one of my shows last holiday season someone asked me if I could make a fused glass scene with a wolf or a bear similar to my aspens. So I’ve had some templates for quite some time so I thought I’d make a fused glass mountain and wolf scene. The background is Caribbean blue streaky glass with iridized. Then I used the templates to make the mountains and the wolf. I added some green and yellow including a tiny aspen, because it’s just the mountains in fall and here in Colorado we can have snow on Pikes Peak as late as June some years and as early as October. Plus I like all the colors.

I’ve taken a couple of pictures of the fused glass candle screen from the center, left and right because there s a lot going on with it all the way around.

Fused glass candle screen
left side of the fused glass candle screen with the moon and the wolf
Fused glass candle screen
Right side of the candle screen with the mountains and the tiny aspen
Fused glass candle screen
front view of the fused glass scenic candle screen








I love how the wolf is a little translucent it’s kind of like a mirage.   It made adding the wolf and the mountains so much easier than drawing them by hand.  I’m not sure if you can see it but I added a little dichroic moon for the wolf to howl at! I definitely like the templates. I like them so much I’ll be making a bear and moose version as well.

I hope you like my fused glass mountain and wolf scene candle screen. If you’d like to purchase it please email me at elegantfusedglass@gmail.com or if you’d like to see some of my other fused glass artwork go to www.elegantfusedglassbykaren.com

Keeping my kiln warm,


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