Fused Glass modifications

During my August show, one of my long time customers had a request. She wanted some of my fused glass earrings changed from posts and dangles to clip-on earrings.  So I did it. I based it on whether the earrings were posts or dangles. If they were posts I put them on a finding that had a pad. If they were dangles I put them on a clip-on finding that was made for dangles. So about 1/2 were dangles and 1/2 were posts, now she has fused glass earrings that she can wear.






I’m always happy to make modifications for people when I can. Matter of fact while I was at my show I changed at least 3 night lights from sensor (right) to switch (left).  I personally like the sensor but to each their own.  I also change out pinch bails in addition to earring styles.






While I was at it I went through my jewelry box and changed a lot of my normal fused glass pendants to snaps. You can tell I have all different sizes. The leather cord works the best with the bigger pendants.






Remember when you see a piece of my fused glass and it’s not exactly what you want whether it’s earring style or you want the pendant to be a key chain or a bookmark don’t be afraid to ask, some changes are relatively easy to make and free.

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