Fused Glass Lawn Art

I love flowers. That being said, I am not much of a gardener, albeit I do love to make fused glass for the garden (lawn or yard) and for house plants. I’ve made several plant stakes, garden art, etc.

Since I’ve tried other types of fused glass garden art, I decided to make a couple fused glass lawn artwork for stands. I purchased two different types of stands triangle and a circle. Here are a couple of the round ones. I love them all. The first glass piece is glass I made a while back and fell in love with, but I just didn’t know what to make with the glass. I love it even more in the stand, especially since it’s pretty on both sides. The second garden art piece has a textured back and I put oranges, yellows, and reds on top to remind me of sunrises / sunsets and the blue to remind me of lakes / ocean.

The next garden stands are various types of glass including vitrigraph, frit, sheet glass, etc. casted in a mold. It’s quite translucent and reflects the glass perfectly. The last round garden stand is casted pressed glass. I love how organic it looks.

The triangle, this first one I wanted to put a screenprint on it, so I used my hummingbird screen. It didn’t fit quite right so I trimmed it, so it fits better. It’s a little odd but I love how the hummingbird stands out. The second triangle is beautiful handmade glass, so one of a kind and I added the hummingbird to this piece as well. It looks so wonderful in the sunlight.

I love these, they are so beautiful – I just wish the stands weren’t quite so expensive. I know it’s late in the season, but I just took the pictures for the post. They are so beautiful, and I wanted to do the post. I hope you like them. 

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