Fused Glass Focus Technique – Kiln Carve

Last month I focused on fused glass techniques I learned from a Patty Gray class I took. For this month I’m going to focus on some fused glass techniques I learned from Tanya Veit from AAE Glass.

I’ve written about Tanya many many times. The first time I met Tanya was in Denver and it was a fused glass jewelry class then I took another class in Cape Coral, Florida.  Then I took two classes, both in Florida, on larger fused glass projects including fused glass bowls, platters, artwork. I’m going to focus on actual classes I took from her.

Tanya is amazing and I’ve learned so much from her I’m going to do 3 different blogs about the fused glass techniques I’ve learned from her.  This first one is about the large products I learned in actual classes I attended.

In the first boot-camp for large fused glass artwork we learned so many fused glass  techniques. I read over the blog I did at the time. It brought back so many great memories.

This first blog is about kiln carving or sometimes called bas relief.  After I took Tanya’s class I have see videos and e-books on kiln carving. In fact I did this one in Patty’s class.






Kiln carving is when you use fiber paper to make patterns in glass.

This is the original fused glass kiln carved platter I created in class. Luckily I make a habit of not selling my pieces I make in class.  This one is 3 layers thick.






I also made another kiln carved piece at a fusing party Diane and I had. I added iridize to give it some sparkle.






This time I made two one round and rectangle.  These are the pieces while in the kiln. They are in the kiln now slumping. Hopefully they will be ok. Sometimes bad things happen in a slump.  I’ll show the pictures when they are done slumping.











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