Fused Glass Flowers

As those who follow my fused glass newsletter know I love fused glass. As I’ve said a thousand times Glass is so versatile and you can make anything with it! Recently I bought some amazing molds, molds that make flowers! So I filled my kiln with them and tried them out.














After I made them I slumped a few of them, aren’t they beautiful! I have one more but I’ll do another blog about it.

Some people mount the fused glass flowers on copper tubing, I plan on doing that with at least one of these, but I like them all the way they are so I may wait until after my shows and do it to whichever flower is left.


flowers5flowers6 flowers2






I’m not sure if you remember but I’ve made fused glass flowers below. You can read the blog on them as well.  I’ll have all 4 of these at my next show so come out and visit me!!

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