Fused Glass Flower Sculptures

Just finished up a custom order for fused glass flower sculptures. I’ve made several fused glass flowers before but what makes these different is they are meant to hang them on the wall. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to hang them and even got advise from a good friend.

She wanted Blue, Orange, and Teal flowers so I made some combinations of the colors.  I made 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) for each of the colors.

Here is the large blue with a bit of orange and teal in the middle, It was pretty transparent so I added some silver to the back.






Here is the Blue medium fused glass flower and it’s close up.






Here is the small blue flower.






Here is the large teal fused glass flower, I added some blue to give some contrast. I love this one, look at the close up picture on the right, so pretty.






Here is the medium Teal fused glass flower with an orange center and blue accent. I also gave it a bit of texture. You wouldn’t think orange and teal would go together well, but it’s beautiful.






Here is the small blue and teal fused glass flower. This one was tough I had to fire it several times to get it the way I wanted but it turned out perfectly.






Here is the large Orange, Teal, and Blue fused glass flower, the right picture shows a close up view of the teal and orange. It’s a really pretty one.






Here is the medium Orange fused glass flower, I added some blue veins.






This is the small orange fused glass flower, I put teal in the center and added some blue accents to connect it with the blue flowers.






I’m really proud of my fused glass flowers, I hope she likes them as well.

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