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For March I’m focusing on fused glass e-books from Helios studios. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I’ll be discussing 12 of their e-books that I’ve purchased and love.

The sixth fused glass e-book I want to talk about is his fused glass puddles e-book.






I’ve created fused glass puddles for quite a while now, albeit Paul is the one that created the technique and in this e-book he goes into so many more versions and I love playing with them.


This is a pretty cool version, probably because I love purples and pinks.






This is another fused glass puddle version with streaky glass. I really like it.







This one looks kind of dark in the puddle but, I love the transparency of it. It’s actually one of my favorites. The key is because it’s so transparent to fuse it to an opal base glass verses transparent base.






So when making puddles you can fuse them face up, bottom up, and sometimes the best is on the side.

On the left is a picture of my puddles before firing. On the right is a picture of them fused.







Paul also talked about fusing two puddles together. I really like doing this, mixing two puddles together is fun and interesting.






When I broke the 3 different kinds of puddles into chunks There were little slivers so I thought as a test I’d just put them on a base glass, take them to a full fuse and make some fused glass soap dishes. Of course they can also be spoon rests or tea caddies or sit by your sink to put your rings in, or for change, or for whatever you want!






Typically when I make fused glass puddles I make them into pendants but you can do other things with them, typically as embellishments or as a part of a larger fused glass piece like pattern bars.







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