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For March I’m focusing on fused glass e-books from Helios studios.  As I mentioned in my last blog, they have 17 e-books albeit, I’ll be focusing on 12 e-books that I’ve purchased and love.  The second fused glass e-book I want to talk about is his fused glass bubbles e-book.







I’ve always been fond of bubbles in the glass. Typically I make bubbles with paint, but these were created with oxide.  Since this was using copper oxide I wanted to do some tests.  As you can see, I had a little too much.






Albeit, after reading Paul’s instructions again, it turned out great.  The sea horse is very light bubbles but they are still there, nice and subtle. I’m thinking about doing a bit more to the sea horse, maybe vitrigraph or some freeze and fuse.  I’m still going to fire polish the red and slump it, but it won’t change to drastically. I love the brilliant blue of the copper oxide. The red one is done in a unique way and I love the bubbles and the contrast between the blue and red.  I hope you like the bubbles as much as I do.







I just want to make it clear I love Paul’s e-books, when he publishes an e-book I just automatically get it because they are all amazing. Each one has between 4-8 techniques and they are out of the box. If you are a fused glass artist reading this post, I highly recommend Helio’s e-books!

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