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For March I’m focusing on fused glass e-book studios is Helios. As I mentioned in my last blog, they have 17 e-books albeit, I’ll be focusing on 12 e-books that I’ve purchased and love.

The 10th, 11th, and 12th fused glass e-books I want to talk about is Paul’s fused glass Waste Not e-books. There are 3 waste not e-books and they are all great! The cool thing about these e-books is when you make fused glass pieces typically you have leftover glass and the e-books includes a lot of left over glass. Which is why it’s called waste not because you use scrap glass to make amazing fused glass artwork.






This is from the first Waste Not e-book, it is a beautiful piece and it has iridized light blue glass on the bottom. The black is leftover glass but blue is not “scrap” glass.







From waste not 2, I tried to make a couple different Fused glass pieces.






This is a beautiful piece and guess what it’s all puddles! Both the red and blue – puddles!






BTW I made another one but because I used 2 light colors you couldn’t see the design so I added some dichroic and it’s going to make some amazing fused pendants and I may use a stripe as a pattern bar!! I’ll let you know when I decide.






So I made each of the strips in this pattern bar (which was really cool), then cut them but there weren’t enough slices to do what I wanted but I love the pattern bar. I love this technique. I can’t wait do it again with enough to make a full piece!






From waste not 3, ironically I tried to make another full piece, but I didn’t make enough of it so I couldn’t make the specific piece I wanted. So just like the one above I had to just use it as a pattern bar.
















Here is what I had after cutting it up, as you can see they would have been beautiful but there just wasn’t enough to make a full dish from either of the techniques. I can’t wait to try them both again!






As you can see there are so many beautiful ways to make amazing beautiful glass!

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  1. I ordered the first book and paid $20 but never got anything to download

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